Ultima 4 5 6 Game Download

A diverse world with towns, castles, dungeons, villages to explore and lively characters to converse with.

There’s nothing more epic than exploring the word of Britannia as you use dozens of magic spells and use axes, swords and other weapons in combat while doing engaging quests and solving intriguing mysteries.

You are the Avatar, destined to save Britannia and become the hero of all.

This classic role playing game was an award winning series back in its’ day and is responsible for many gamers to lose hours and hours of their time playing the game.

This three game collection follows the rich tale of the Avatar and starts with Ultima IV, a quest that involves a challenging persuit to display the eight virtues of the Avatar. In Ultima V, you are on a quest to challenge a tyrannical leader who misconstrue your ideas of virtue with his twisted morality. Then in Ultima VI, a bloody feud between the people of Britannia and the race of gargoyles puts your wits to the test.

The Ultima series set the standard for a lot of rpg games to follow. Through the innovative use of keywords in conversations with the characters you’ll be impressed with a game that is made epic considering the limited technology of that time. If you’re a retro gamer who loves role playing games, you’ll love the deep storyline involved and the type of gameplay the Ultima series has to offer. This was before the age of the internet and engaging with the npc’s can be a lot more exciting than with other players in the more modern MMORPG’s setting.

Download Ultima 4 5 6

Open this link in a new browser window http://tinyurl.com/km9yfr4   Not sure how to download? Go here and find out how http://crackandhacks.org/how-to-download/
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