The Walking Dead Telltale Crack

Whether you are a fan of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic series or simply enjoy the zombie game genre, Telltale’s video game take on the series is worth a look.

Taking place over a series of 5 “episodes,” the Walking Dead video game pulls the player into the realistic post zombie apocalypse American south. Consisting of primarily unique characters, players who are not familiar with the comic or television series will be able to enjoy the game as much as diehard fans.

Unlike many modern zombie games, the Walking Dead game does not rely heavily on puzzles or violence to get through the story. Instead, the player’s journey is shaped through the story, changing depending on choices made through interactions and dialogue with the world of the game and its characters. In addition, the choices you make in early episodes will carry over, impacting your experience in later episodes. This helps unify the experience, emphasizing the fact that this is one intertwining game series and not simply 5 individual games. In fact, there are several different endings to the game, resulting a unique experience every time you play through.

The Walking Dead game debuted to wide critical and fan acclaim, winning over video game critics and players both and winning several awards along the way. Over 80 different organizations and publications have named Telltale’s offering as Game of the Year.

Fans of the Walking Dead video game also have more to look forward to. Telltale has already announced a second season, as well as a downloadable expansion pack that will help bridge the story from season one to the next.

Whether you are simply a zombie enthusiast or an avid fan of the comic and television series, there is plenty of material in this series to appeal to every gamer.

You can download Telltale’s The Walking Dead Crack for free by clicking the link below. This file includes the first five episodes.

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