The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition Crack

3 Reasons You Should Get The Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game Of The Year Pack Today

Ever since it came out in 2011, Skyrim has gotten all of the attention and publicity when it comes to the Elder Scrolls series. What many (who are not die hard gamers) don’t realize is that its predecessor, Oblivion, is just as good of a game if not better.

The Game World Is MASSIVE Thanks To Extensions

The Elder Scrolls series is well known for its massive worlds and amazing graphics. With the Game of the Year pack you get to experience the world of Oblivion in all of its splendor, with all content unlocked for you right from the get go. Miles upon miles of land filled with quests and adventures are just waiting for you to explore.

Everything You Love About Skyrim; But In A New Setting

Skyrim has been lauded by many as the ultimate in console RPS’s, and maybe the best RPG of all time. There is so much to do that it is almost impossible to get bored; but it can happen. When it does, the Elder Scrolls Oblivion game of the year pack is waiting. You get all of the gameplay features that you love in Skyrim but with a whole new setting and story.

Great Low Price

All gamers are well aware of just how ridiculous prices are getting these days. You will easily drop over sixty dollars on a brand new game, and you can expect to spend ten to twenty dollars every few months to get DLC. That’s what makes Oblivion so great. You’re getting the quality of a brand new game without paying the brand new game prices. With all content included in the pack you don’t have to worry about pesky DLC either. Everything is available for one great price.

So what are you waiting for? An excellent new adventures awaits brave hero.

Download The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition Crack

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