Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 Keygen

If you’re looking to download sound forge for free, you can find the link at the bottom of the page. But before that, find out if this software is the right audio program for you.

Why Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio is the best

Out of all the audio programs out there, I personally like the Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio.  When you want to edit quality sounding audio on your personal computer, this program has everything you need. Not only can it record live vocals and instruments, but it can also very easily restore audio, add studio quality effects, and with lightning fast speed convert the files to any format you need.

Using the included Vocal Eraser tool, you can erase the vocal tracks in order to create your own karaoke track files.  This can save you time and money not having to buy the karaoke music, create it with music you already own.  This tool also comes in handy for remixing  because you can extract and isolate vocal tracks from the song file to make your own personalized tracks. It even includes presets for different vocal types and genres.

Have a collection of vinyl recordings?  With the Vinyl Recording and Restoration tool you can digitize your tapes and LP records, keeping them preserved.  Do you want to record live music? It is a matter of simply plugging in a microphone  into the sound card on your computer and click the record button within the program. Easy as one, two, three.  All the popular formats are supported such as WMA, MP3 and FLAC.

The Sony Forge Audio Studio also allows you to synchronize audio with video, trim unwanted sections from your recording, and balance sound levels.  Everything you need to edit your sound and make it your own.

An exciting feature now included is the Audio Enhancer plug in.  It has presets for both music and dialog which can, with a single click of the mouse, bring your audio files up to broadcast quality standards.

Sound Forge Audio Studio makes it a very simple step to convert audio files to popular formats. It allows you full control over the pauses between tracks and lets you choose between disc at once or burning just one track at a time.

With all these wonderful features it may seem as if it would be too difficult of a program for the average person to use. You couldn’t be more wrong.  It is such and easy to use interface with easily accessible options. With every feature there is a Show Me How tutorial and they have now included step by step instruction in 4 Videos that take you through Audio mastering, vinyl restoration, podcast creation, and Cd creation.

Download Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 Keygen

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