Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World Crack

One Gamer’s Review of Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Brave New World

I’ve been playing the Civilization series for years now, but I never gave much thought to expansion packs until recently. I tried the first Civilization V expansion pack, Gods & Kings, and had an amazing time with it. Naturally, I was excited about the next expansion pack, Brave New World. So how did it stack up?

Brave New World adds a number of new features to the base Civilization V game. These include tourism, a world congress, and nine new civilizations. What’s great about these features is that most of them make Civilization’s endgame more exciting. Usually, when I get to the endgame point in Civilization, I get bored. This gave me all kinds of fun new stuff to do.

Before I added on this expansion, a lot of the culture buildings felt like a waste. I was basically only creating them to unlock policies. Tourism gives them a real sense of purpose. If you spend a lot of time on cultural buildings and bring in lots of tourists, their civilizations will become enthralled with your nation, and will fall under your influence.

With the addition of this, as well as international trade routes and the world congress, the game now has a real emphasis on interactions between civilizations. It also enhances many of the mechanics introduced in Gods & Kings. I wasn’t crazy about espionage initially, but the world congress makes it incredibly exciting. Now, your spies can work to bribe diplomats or turn city states in your favor. It’s a blast to play and has endless strategic potential.

There’s a wealth of new content in Brave New World, but it doesn’t just feel like new stuff that’s there for the sake of being there. I feel like the developers really thought about the problems Civilization V had, and added gameplay mechanics that would fix them. Features that didn’t feel like they did much now feel like an essential part of the game. Parts of the games that dragged now are absolutely thrilling.

If you own Civilization V, Brave New World is a must own. It doesn’t just feel like an expansion pack. It feels like a brand new game. If you haven’t purchased Gods & Kings, I suggest grabbing that first. Certain elements of Brave New World won’t shine without God & Kings’ new features. Once you have the first expansion, there’s no reason not to add Brave New World to the mix.

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