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The Rule of Sid Meier’s Civilization III

The strategy game to end all strategy games — and incidentally the one that began it all — is back with a vengeance. Don’t expect to get much sleep in the next few weeks if you are planning on hitting the gaming grid on this classic.

The rule that sequels are always bad never seems to apply to the Civilization series. The previous games are already some of the best strategy games ever made, and Civilization III promises to be no different — in fact, it hits the mark of awesome even higher.

This is in part to a few welcome changes that were implemented. While the game feels similar to the previous versions, certain strategic implications are subtle yet radical. A few of them remind of Firaxis’ Alpha Centauri where we first saw the use of a living map, national borders and unique factions.

These factions have a unique unit and special advantages. Some of these implications won’t impact the game play until later, but while they seem small at first, they change the playing field considerably. The unique units are often useful for only a short amount of time, giving the civilization a moment of dominating power.

The civilization strengths however are more long-term. Certain strength may give a civilization a certain advantage on the long run, with more technology and weapons, and government changes without periods of anarchy. It’s the choice of civilization that suddenly affects the overall game play.

Cultural changes are also more radical, affected by the national borders and a living map. The map’s layout and features now also influence the outcome: for example rivers can be a decisive factor in combat and can influence other civilizations further downstream. An older city with more libraries, cathedrals and a university will have more culture available that can grow the civilization beyond its borders and swallow up smaller settlements. This adds a whole new dimension to the context of the game: suddenly culture becomes a dominating factor, more important than weapons.

These are only a few of the improvements over what was already a top strategy game, but the many subtle changes make a significant impact on the enjoyment of the game. A few interface issues are easily overlooked, considering the solid design and its extraordinary execution in graphics and the artificial intelligence. Civilization III is no doubt one of the best strategy games of its time.

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