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Do I Need To Play Saints Row The Third First?

If you’ve got even the least bit of passion for games, I’m sure you’ve seen all the hype surrounding the recent release of Saints Row IV. I’m a huge gaming fan myself, and I’ve been seeing this game all over every single website I visit. Whether it’s a gaming forum or Facebook, everyone seems to be talking about Saints Row IV. But for those of you who’ve never played a Saints Row game, I’m sure you’ve become at least a little bit curious about the new game. However, you’re probably wondering if you need to play Saints Row the Third and the previous two games first. Well, that’s where I come in. I’ll give you the lowdown!

In short, no you don’t need to play Saints Row the Third or even the first two games to understand what’s going on in Saints Row IV. I’ve got a few friends who had never played the previous games, but were dying to check out this one and while they didn’t quite understand some of the references, they were still able to enjoy the game and complete it.

However, if you want the full experience, I definitely recommend at least playing Saints Row the Third. I never played the first game and I was only able to get halfway through the second one before my PC died, but I did play the third game. You don’t need either of the first two games to understand pretty much everything that’s going on in the third game. You may want to read a plot summery of the previous two games so that you can understand some of the subtler references, but it’s not completely needed.

Saints Row the Third is an absolutely amazing game to play. As a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto games I played back in middle and high school, this game brought back those memories and blew them out of the water. SR3 is basically GTA but off the wall. While you still have the same base game features – weapons, cars, and mass murder – you also have a lot of humor thrown in on top. Saints Row 3 is not a game you take seriously.

Saints Row IV takes the game that SR3 was and builds upon it. SR4 doesn’t take itself seriously in the least bit. I totally recommend you check out both of them.  Even if you were never a fan of the Grand Theft Auto games, I think you may enjoy playing the Saints Row games. They’re similar, but they’re not the same game by a long stretch. They’re both very different and very unique games.

If you have the chance, start at Saints Row. It’s always good to start a series from the beginning. But, like I said before, you don’t have to start their if you can’t or don’t want to. You could start right with Saints Row 4 if you want, but I personally recommend starting with at least Saints Row 3.

Saints Row The Third Crack Download

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