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Nero 12 platinum is the complete high definition multimedia suite that you need to play, burn, edit and backup data. With our Nero 12 Platinum crack you can test the software and see that it has a lot more functions, which includes cataloguing of multimedia files, DVD playback for windows 8, backup & recovery of data and professional level video editing. This multimedia suite is fully compatible with windows 8 and supports streaming to mobile devices. Copying to discs or burning files to a CD is quite simple compared to the previous version of Nero 11.

Below is a video showing how the Nero 12 Platinum Crack works

Installing Nero 12 takes about 10-20 minutes and will mainly depend on your broadband connection. The file is about 293MB. This program does not need to be initially downloaded and then expanded upon, like most of the other software programs. The entire program could be downloaded in one go, as it is fairly compact compared to other video editing software programs. This software program is compatible with windows 7, 8, XP and vista. The components in the software package would be installed separately and you could even purchase these components as per your requirement, if you do not need the full program.

When you are complete with the installation of the software, the welcome screen will show you one “Nero 12” icon with nine applications. (Assuming you are using windows 8 as the operating system) Nero video, Nero record, Nero back it up, Nero burning ROM, Nero Blu-ray player, Nero control center, Nero rescue agent, Nero express and Nero Kwik media are the 9 applications. When you click on the “Nero 12” icon on your desktop, you will be taken to a splash screen, where you can select any of these nine applications. This is how you will be able to access this software program on your desktop or laptop PC.

The Nero burning ROM application is an optical disc burning facility that will make it possible to burn CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray discs. This application will also make it possible to convert these video and audio files into different formats, before burning it onto discs. The Nero burning ROM will be a bit difficult for newbies and the Nero Express come in handy at a time like this. Nero Express will allow newbies to burn discs with complete easy as it supports task based functions in creating and burning discs.

The Nero Back It Up application is a fully versatile program that allows to backup entire disc drives. There are 3 major functions of the application, which includes entire disc backups, file & folder backups and live network backups. The backups are done via your local area network. You can also backup data from other computers that are within the limit of your network sharing capacity.

The video editing application aka Nero Video is one of the most sophisticated parts of the entire software program. It is capable of operating with a wide range of formats and materials. In order to access this part of the application you must open the “Make Movie or Slide Show” option. This will then launch the editing window. A construction timeline will provide the main facility in assembling the editing plan. You can drag in video, audio and photos to this timeline and then check your work via a single viewer window. This would make it possible for a complete newbie to edit a video with utmost ease than most of the other video editing programs out there.

The pros are the extensive multimedia abilities and the quick & simple disc burning capabilities. The cost effectiveness is another advantage of this program.

The only disadvantage is that the integration between the various applications could be smoother than it is now. All in all, the Nero 12 Platinum is one of the best multimedia suites in the market that you can get, our Nero 12 Platinum crack just makes it free for you to do so.

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