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Finally, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Makes Its Way To The PC

The very popular and long running video combat game, Mortal Kombat has finally found it’s way from the gaming consoles to the personal computer.

Mortal Kombat appeared in 2011 for both the Xbox and the Playstation 3.  It was a triumphant return for the classic video game from way back.

And while it’s taken another two years, it’s available for the PC now, in the form of Mortal Kombat:  Komplete Edition.

High Voltage Software took up the PC transition instead of the the original team that brought Mortal Kombat to life, NetherRealm Studios.

Mortal Kombat:  Komplete Edition is Mortal Kombat, the original game.

It includes all original fatalities that the console gamers got as bonuses if they pre-ordered the game.

It also comes with the fifteen alternate costumes and all four DLC characters – Freddy Krueger, Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain).

Basically every feature has been included with some slight changes that are advantageous on a PC, and really nothing new has been added.

While all this is good news and there are great features like lots of graphic options available, there are some annoying drawbacks as well.

While all those graphic options are great, your first run through can be a real pain because your computer will automatically detect your system’s optimal settings.

And it does.  Very, very slowly.  Like every setting, one setting at a time.  You could grow old.

But like I said, there are some great graphic options that can make the game look even better on a personal computer than it does on a gaming console.

The multi-player game just doesn’t play like the single player version.  There is always a little bit of a delay, making everything seem off.

Frustratingly, it is also difficult to set up and play a match with someone you know.

While the graphics overall are great, the cut scenes were pretty poorly done.

The graphics just do not seem high quality graphics at all and the audio is not very clear.  Maybe they’ll fix this with a patch at a later date.

One of the most important things for any game is the controls.  Without responsive controls, you’ll eventually want to through something out the window!

The good news is the controls for this game work very well.

You can have up to four players enjoy the game at the same time, the keys are fully customizable and there really are no control issues on the PC version of the game.

With Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition, you aren’t getting anything new.  What you are getting is a PC version of a fantastic fighting game that’s been a long time coming.

The game is technically impressive with great graphics (even though they are two years old at this point – things happen fast in gaming), the game play is quite good and the classic Mortal Kombat sounds are still there.

Overall, Mortal Kombat:  Komplete Edition is a welcome addition to any PC gamers catalog of games.

Not all games transition well from gaming console to PC but Mortal Kombat has done exactly that and it’s well worth playing.

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