Microsoft Office 2013 Activator

There are so many features that the new Microsoft Office 2013 offers, you would want to try it out yourself as soon as possible. Luckily for you, we have made if available free for you to try out with our Microsoft 2013 activator. If you’re still wondering what the fuss is all about with Microsoft Office 2013, read on.

For those people who have been using Microsoft Office for years always wonder if it is worth upgrading from a previous version, and those who have not used it want to know if it has enough features to make it worth buying. The latest release of Office shows that Microsoft has been listening to its customers with many useful additions to this powerful software, it has been streamlined, you can now use it easier on touchscreen devices, and the cloud has now arrived meaning that you can access your files anywhere.

7 Of The Best Features Of Microsoft Office 2013

Multiple Document Versions

Gone is the old way of managing documents that are being worked on by different people, and in comes Microsoft’s SkyDrive so that only one version is in existence. This is a great step forward.

Social Networking Comes To Outlook

Outlook now connects directly to social network sites. People Cards are now connected so you can easily receive status updates from Facebook and LinkedIn. Although this area still needs a bit of work it is a step in the right direction.

Editing PDF’s

This is a big improvement as editing PDF files has been made so much easier, you can now work on a PDF as though it is a Word file.

Attachment Reminders

This is a brand new feature, Office scans your emails to see if it recognizes keywords that would point to an attachment being sent, and if one is not attached it gives you a warning. This saves you sending a second email saying; “Sorry, I forgot to include the attachment”.

Search Feature

The search has been greatly improved so you can scan all of Outlook now such as attachments, contacts, emails and appointments, it even allows you to search pictures if they contain text.

Automatic Bookmarking

This is a clever little feature. If you are working on long documents and then you close it, when you used to reload it you would have to spend some time trying to find out where you left off, but now Office automatically shows you.

The Cloud

This is by far the best feature included, now it is very simple to work with the Microsoft SkyDrive, this allows you to retrieve files from anywhere in the world and on any device. Your Office settings are also saved here so you do not have to setup each device separately.

Overall these improvements make it a product that is definitely worth getting, especially if you are looking to use the cloud.

Our Microsoft 2013 activator is really simple to use. All you need to do is install a fresh copy of Microsoft Office 2013 and use our activator to activate the trial version to the full version. All our downloads come with full instructions so you won’t be left clueless on what to do next. You can download the activator by clicking the link below.

Download Microsoft 2013 Activator

Open this link in a new browser window   Not sure how to download? Go here and find out how


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