How To Get Free Pokecoins In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game that was ever released and even though it is free to play, a lot of players have already spent real money to buy PokeCoins. The in-game currency allows you to buy upgrades and to progress faster in the game. However, you do not need to spend real money to get more PokeCoins.

The in-game currency is used to purchase a number of items such as incubators for your eggs, lucky eggs and other types of upgrades. You will be more likely to get a rare Pokemon, to level up your Pokemon and to win battles if you have some PokeCoins you can spend on upgrades. You can play the game for free and not spend any PokeCoins since walking around to capture Pokemons is fun in itself. However, if you would like to win battles and get more Pokemons, you are going to need some PokeCoins.

There is a way to get free PokeCoins in Pokemon Go but you are going to need to be dedicated and to have a good team. Gyms are spots where you can battle other players and the team that wins gets to control the gym. The team that controls a gym can be challenged by another team, which will take control of the gym if the Pokemons stationed at the gym can be defeated.

The players who control a gym and who have one of their Pokemons stationed there to guard the gym receive free PokeCoins. The amount of PokeCoins you can get depends on the level of the Pokemon stationed at the gym, how long you retain control of the gym for and on the prestige level of the gym.

Obtaining free PokeCoins with this method is not easy because taking control of a gym controlled by another team is only possible if you have some good Pokemons. However, you can get some free PokeCoins and control a local gym if you are a dedicated player and have a good strategy.

You should start by creating a good team of Pokemons and by leveling them up. Depending on the prestige level of your local gyms, you might have to win battles against different Pokemons that belong to the team in control of the gym. You will also need to have a strong Pokemon you can leave at the gym you took control of to win battles against players and teams who want to challenge you and take over the gym.

Staying in control of the same gym for a long period of time is not easy unless you have an especially strong Pokemon that no one can beat. The best way to get free PokeCoins in the game is to take control of several gyms, even if it is only for a short amount of time.

You can build a good team of Pokemons and have your friends help you take control of different local gyms. You could for instance follow a daily route that takes you to all the gyms in your area so you can try taking control of them. You might not win all the battles but should be able to take control of at least a few gyms each day if you play consistently and have a good team of Pokemons.

You will earn free PokeCoins until someone else takes control of the gym. You can go back out the next day and take control of the same gym again to earn more PokeCoins. Do not focus on staying in control of the same gym and look for gyms with a low prestige level that are guarded by Pokemons you can defeat instead.

This strategy will help you earn some free PokeCoins in Pokemon Go and you will find that you can earn even more PokeCoins once you start using the in-game currency to always upgrade your Pokemons and to get some rare and powerful Pokemons on your team. Taking over gyms in your area and staying in control for longer periods of time will be easier once you have some stronger Pokemons. Find where the gyms are in your area and try visit as many of them as possible to see if you can take control of a few gyms to start earning free PokeCoins!


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