How To Claim A Free Samsung Galaxy S7

Why would you want a Galaxy s7?

The Samsung Galaxy S 7, though improved from the last design of the S6, has quite a high price that may be out of reach for fans of the smartphone. The flagship of Samsung smartphones has heard customer’s feedback from all the flaws of the last model, and corrected their mistake on this new version. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is simply perfection in every way.

So is the Samsung Galaxy 7 a giant step up from the S6? For some reviewers, it seems the amount of evolution is not as much as the S6 was. In fact, it is considered improving upon the solid foundations of the Galaxy S6 and making it better without winning any innovative awards in the smart phone wars.

Given the lack of varied features between the current and previous Samsung Galaxy’s, some would say that should this one be called the galaxy S6S instead? Instead of a new generation flagship phone altogether?

The improved waterproof design seems like the Galaxy S7’s biggest improvement, along with a much better screen and power capabilities. The camera is also much better but some would say it still does n0ot justify the high price. The internal space is sorely lacking with only 32 GB of space and the screen is a fingerprint magnet.

Still, for those hard fans of the series, it’s hard not to buy into the hype of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, the design that makes a the S6 such a powerhouse smart phone is integrated and improved in the new S7. Plus a few winning aspects of the S5 that were missing from the Galaxy S6 is present in the new phone as well.

If you’re looking to purchase a Samsung galaxy S7, why not try to win one for free with the following link which is easy to do and won’t take up much of your time, since it can cost up to USD670, it would be worth your while to try to get one for free.


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  1. I would like to experience perfection at its very best with Galaxy S7

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