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Understanding the Fraps Game Capture Tool

The Fraps game capture tool is a popular video recording application and game utility which is used by PC gamers for a range of purposes. You can use fraps as a screenshot tool, a real-time video recording application, or a benchmarking tool. The fraps game capture suite is popular because it supports both DirectX and OpenGL, and it is highly configurable.

You may be wondering why you would want to use a standalone tool for benchmarking and screen capture when so many games have those features built-in. There are several reasons why using the Fraps game capture tool is a good idea. Firstly, the FPS benchmarking tool allows you to configure custom benchmarks, measure average framerates, choose where and when the FPS meter appears, and save performance statistics. This means that you can get an objective idea of average game performance, rather than only viewing the framerate of the game during times when there is very little happening on the screen.

The Fraps screen capture options are far superior to the options provided in most games. Screenshots are automatically named with the name of the game and a timestamp, and you can configure a shortcut key to take and save screenshots on demand. Because you can choose the file format and the amount of compression of the screenshot, you can choose your own balance between file size and fidelity. This makes the Fraps game capture tool a much better option for taking high-quality “show-off” screenshots than Steam’s built in screenshot tool which uses aggressive compression, sacrificing the quality of the image.

The video recording features of the Fraps game capture tool allow you to record game footage in ultra-high resolution at up to 120 frames per second. If you want to make Let’s Play videos, record raid footage, or make game guides, then Fraps is a great choice. Record and edit your videos locally, then upload them in high quality.

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