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A Look At Foul Play

Foul Play is a unique game that puts a twist on the standard brawler genre. The game is set on a stage, with all of the enemies being played by actors in masks and costumes. Once the enemies are defeated, they crawl off the stage like actors leaving a scene. The background is composed of scenery made out of cardboard and props, that will sometimes move around due to interference from the stagehands. In the game, you play as the hero known as Dashforth in single player mode. In two player mode, Dashforth’s partner Scampwick is playable.

There’s much more to the game’s stage concept than just a visual appeal. Unlike the characters in most video games, Dashforth, due to his stage surroundings and the faux enemies he faces, has no health bar. Instead, a mood meter exists that increases when the player defeats enemies and performs impressive combos. When taking damage, the meter decreases, and the audience isn’t too happy about it.

Although you can use skill and perfect timing to complete the game, the game can be completed with simple uncoordinated button presses. Almost all of your actions will result in the mood meter increasing, so there isn’t much of a worry about dying. If by chance you do die during the game, you can start a level again. The boss enemies can provide some challenge due to damage resistance, but they shouldn’t be too difficult, especially since their move set is limited. You may have to fight bosses in two forms, a human and demon form, and dying to the second form will result in having to start over again at the first.

As a game, Foul Play is a creative mix of different elements that come together to create a wonderful package. It does a good job of taking what has been established by other brawlers and creating a new experience based on that. The theater atmosphere and actor based characters provide a unique charm that will appeal to the player. The game is simple enough for novices to the brawler genre to pick up and play, while offering enough substance for the experienced player. Interesting mechanics and visuals that stand out make this brawler worth a look.

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