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A Review Of Dracula 4 The Shadow Of The Dragon

Available on the PC, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac, and Android devices the new Dracula 4 The Shadow of the Dragon is an entertaining game. This is designed for casual gamers that are interested in the story of Dracula. In this version of the game you get to take on the role of an entirely new hero. The animation and cutscenes are very realistic, especially for a game that is designed for phones and tablet devices. Microïds’ was at it again when they decided to create the fourth installment of the series.

You take on the role of a detective by the name of Ellen Cross. She is being sent to Hungary to look for a piece of art that is priceless. As you progress through the game you have to solve puzzles to progress. This game has some interesting puzzles to play through. If you were interested for some mind-boggling action without having to get too frustrated then you would like this Dracula 4 title. Another good aspect about the game is the exciting soundtrack. The beginning cinematic and the rest to follow are very interesting. You feel as if you were watching a movie, but then realize that you’re playing through a game. There are some drawbacks to the game. People that want many hours of gameplay might find that this is not the game that will fill their desires. Novice and average gamers will find the game interesting and a bit of a challenge, but anyone that has experience playing video games will find it easy. Sometimes the dialogue can get a little out of place as well. The biggest problem the game offers is that there is no real reward when you finish the game. You do not feel satisfaction at the end for all of your efforts, probably because the game is very short and fairly easy to most players.

You may want to check out this Dracula game for yourself to be your own critic. Most people that are into action games where you have to slay a bunch of minions from the underworld are not going to find that here. This is more of a movie/puzzle game than anything else. People that like to relax and play through a game while watching cutscenes are going to like this title. Dracula 4 The Shadow of the Dragon has its own storyline so do not feel like you have to play the rest to buy it.

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