Dead Space 3 Awakened Dlc Crack

Visceral Games, released Dead Space 3: Awakened as a downloadable content pack promising to contain the most “disturbing content” even seen on this single player, third person shooter series.

In Dead Space 3 it was shown that the Moon had crashed on the surface of Tau Volantis, sweeping off Isaac and John. However, Awakened shows them surviving the crash. They wake confused and surprised of their survival. While exploring the iced surface of the planet, they figure out that the Marker was still causing havoc.

What follows is the typical Dead Space shooting sequence as John and Isaac fight more of the aliens on their way to discover the Unitologist ship that can take them back to Earth. However, the Shockpoint Drive of the ship is missing. Their only option is the CMS Terra Nova. On board of Terra Nova, the duo find that few members of the extremist group Circle has taken refuge inside.

After dealing with the members of Circle, Isaac finds himself loosing his own sanity, that causes an added threat. This is good bit of deviation from the other games in the series.

Isaac, because of his insanity stops John from installing the Drive, as he feels that it will make the Brethren Moon follow them to Earth, putting Earth in danger. What follows is a series of hallucinations, where Isaac and John fight each other and Brethren Moon reveals that they had always known Earth’s location.

Finally Isaac understands that the hallucinations are just slowing them down. After gaining sanity, Isaac allows the installation of the Drive in to the ship. John finds out from the audio logs that the reactor has the capability to power up the engine using high energy that can take ship to Shockspace and this get back to Earth. They throw the Shockpoint Drive in to the reactor and load it with plutonium cores.

The ship returns to Earth only to find Earth under attack by the Brethren Moon. One of the moon crashes the Terra Nova making Isaac and John unconscious.

Awakened continues with upgradeable weapons and suits that can be changed at the Kiosks. Enemies include The Pack, The Stalker: quieter and more intelligent, Circle: creepier than the others.

The game takes the usual shoot-’em mode with not much to add to the original game. It does not answer any question and presents new ones regarding the future of John, Isaac and Earth.

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