Camtasia Studio 8 Crack

TechSmith rolled out their new version of Camtasia Studio and show that they mean serious business. There is an extensive array of screen-capture programs available, but Camtasia 8 stands out above the rest for its professional features and ease of use.

Camtasia has always been a professional-grade application for those who use screencasts on a regular basis for tutorials or other projects. With version 8 they implemented a serious amount of new features that enhance the experience, editing speed and production quality.

Finding the right balance for screen-capture applications has never been easy. When aiming for professional use, applications have to boast a plethora of abilities. But beginners or part-time editors may then find the time investment to learn the use of them too much. TechSmith, keenly aware of this delicate balance, has been trying to find the right middle-ground ever since the first Camtasia version, and have steadily been learning from experience and user-feedback.

Beginners will find the in-app tutorials useful, while experienced editors can safely ignore them. The interface is arranged in a logical manner, making access to the vast array of options easy: zooming, panning, transitions, library access and the likes. Unlike other or even free screen-capture applications, Camtasia not just records in HD video and audio, but also helps you edit it. In this regard it acts as a basic but very powerful stand-alone video editing software with it limitless multitrack timeline and additional audio editor. There is also an easy access to several free templates, stock music and visual intros and outros available, and you can export the final product to various devices and the web, be it the iPad, mobile phones and DVDs. There is even a CD MenuMaker available.

A few new features make things go smoother. A new codec raised the recording frame-rate to 30 frames per second and it is now possible to add ‘Hotspots’ to areas in the final video so that viewers can click on them to open up more information, and so make a screencast experience more interactive. A new app called ‘Quizzing’ lets you track the users watching your cast and gives you instant feedback.

TechSmith is aiming at the professional screencast-makers with this product, while at the same time taking the novice into consideration. As such it has almost no learning-curve since the interface is intuitive and the editing area is simple yet powerful. Camtasia Studio 8 is probably the smartest choice for those working with and towards professional screencasts.

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