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The AX64 Time Machine Saved My Job

I am to the point now where I am telling everyone I know that they should invest in the AX54 Time Machine, a product that lets you go back in time on your computer, so to speak. It’s especially great for crashes or if you accidentally overwrite or delete something. Like if you’re me, who last week decided to completely overwrite his super important presentation for work!

I was so stupid the other day. I spent half a month working on this presentation that may mean the difference between getting a promotion or getting fired. Yeah, it was that important that I not mess it up. So I spent all this time working on it, convinced that it was the end of the world, and then… you won’t believe it, but the whole thing got deleted! I was working on it and the power surged, and my laptop completely fritzed. I about had a heart attack! After I recovered from that, I managed to reboot my computer. The computer proceeded to go into Blue Screen Apocalypse. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Well, Bob, did you at least back it up as you went along?” No! I know, I know! A mistake I will never make again!

Needless to say, my computer did not have my presentation for me. After crying and sobbing that I was going to lose my job, I remembered that I had the AX54 Time Machine. With a couple of clicks, my computer was back in time, and I had my presentation from only two hours before! Yes, I lost about five minutes’ worth of work, but it doesn’t compare to losing the whole thing. I owe the AX54 Time Machine my job. I tell everyone to get it, and for good reason!


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